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Our Amenities

We provide locker rooms, shower facilities, dry saunas and more.

Our Amenities

Group Training

Take your fitness to the next level in a high-energy group training class.

group fitness class, shreveport la

Child Care

Let your child run around and play while you get in a great workout.

children, shreveport la


We offer a variety of membership plans to meet your needs.

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Join a Family-Friendly Gym in Shreveport, LA

We have a fitness plan for everybody

Since 1984, Plex Fitness has been providing a fun, inclusive gym environment to residents of the Shreveport, LA region. We offer workout classes, weightlifting, tanning, dry sauna sessions and child care services. And you'll enjoy our on-site smoothie bar! Check out our full list of amenities here.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you work toward your goals with your own fitness plan. Call 318-687-2582 today to learn more about Plex Fitness and discuss our membership options.

4 Reasons to Call Plex Fitness Your Gym in Shreveport, LA

Our gym offers a unique experience for all who use our facilities. From yoga to tanning, from body blast to weight lifting, there's a fitness plan for everyone at Plex Fitness. Choose our gym in Shreveport, LA because:


Our positive workout environment is safe and encouraging for everyone.


We offer a wide variety of different gym memberships for a competitive price.


We offer group fitness courses so you can get the full-body exercise you want.


Our staff is centered around assistance, service and the sharing of knowledge.