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Since 1984, Plex Fitness has been one of the Shreveport, LA region's premeire workout facilities. We offer workout classes, weightlifting, tanning, dry sauna sessions and child care services. Our facility also features powerlifting equipment and incredible savings on the supplements you need to crush your goals. And you'll enjoy our on-site smoothie bar! Check out our full list of amenities here.

Our knowledgeable and staff and dedicated trainers will help you work toward the results you desire. Call 318-687-2582 today to learn more about Plex Fitness and discuss our membership options.

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Our Amenities

We provide locker rooms, shower facilities, dry saunas and more.

Our Amenities

Group Training

Take your fitness to the next level in a high-energy group training class.

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We can help serious lifters meet and exceed their goals.

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We offer a variety of membership plans to meet your needs.

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Stack Up Your Membership for $35

Up to 5 Scoops of Supplements Per Visit

We are offering an unprecedented supplement subscription membership at Plex Fitness. Every time you visit, you'll have access to up to 5 scoops of the supplements of your choice. From pre-workouts, to proteins, aminos, joint supports, fat burners, and everything in-between, you'll save money and not have to deal with the hassle of ordering a dozen different supplements. Better yet, the first 50 to take advantage of the upgrade will pay only $30 per month! Contact the Gym for details.

4 Reasons to Call Plex Fitness Your Gym in Shreveport, LA

Our gym offers a unique experience for all who use our facilities. Choose our gym in Shreveport, LA because:


We're different than the big guys. If you're serious about your fitness, Plex is for you.


We offer a wide variety of different gym memberships for a competitive price.


We offer group fitness courses so you can get the full-body exercise you want.


Our staff is centered around assistance, service and the sharing of knowledge.