Find Group Fitness Classes in Shreveport, LA

We offer workout classes for everyone

Get your heart rate pumping with a full-body workout at Plex Fitness. We offer a wide variety of workout classes, from silver sneakers to high-intensity boot camps. You don't need to sign up for any of our courses. Every class we offer is included with a monthly membership.

Visit Plex Fitness today to participate in a group fitness course in Shreveport, LA. Call 318-687-2582 for more information.

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Join a group fitness class in Shreveport, LA

Plex Fitness makes it easy to have fun while you work out. Our group training environment is friendly and inclusive. Plus, we are always mixing up the routines so you'll never find yourself stuck in a fitness rut.

Our workout classes include:




Body blast

Boot camp

Silver sneakers

Kickboxing boot camp

Each class lasts 60 minutes. Check out this month's calendar for the timing of our group fitness courses, or call Plex Fitness at 318-687-2582 today.