Take a Yoga Class in Shreveport, LA

We Have a Yoga Class for Everyone

You don’t have to have the flexibility of a contortionist to do yoga. Plex Fitness offers yoga classes in Shreveport, Louisiana for beginners and experts alike. Our instructors will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the class. You’ll feel looser, lighter and more energized once you’re done.

Call 318-687-2582 now to learn more about our group fitness classes in Shreveport, Louisiana. Each class is 60 minutes long.


Yoga can benefit your physical and mental health in a number of ways. Here are eight:

  1. You’ll increase your flexibility and strength.
  2. You’ll improve your breathing and energy.
  3. You’ll relieve tension and stress.
  4. You’ll improve your posture and balance.
  5. You’ll increase your blood circulation.
  6. You’ll boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure.
  7. You’ll feel more relaxed and sleep easier.
  8. You’ll soothe your sinuses.

Restore your mind-body balance. Visit Plex Fitness today to sign up for a yoga class in Shreveport, Louisiana.